Electrification on a mass scale is an enormously complex undertaking. Policy measures should be designed to deploy vehicles and infrastructure in a coordinated, strategic manner.

  • Deployment Communities

    Deployment Communities

    The Electrification Coalition’s central policy recommendation is to establish electric vehicle deployment communities in defined geographic areas throughout the United States.

  • Batteries and Vehicles

    Batteries and Vehicles

    Policies to encourage the manufacture of batteries and vehicles at scale are critical to bringing prices down.

  • Charging Infrastructure

    Charging Infrastructure

    Deploying electric vehicles at scale will require the construction of a network of charging infrastructure, both public and private.

  • Electric Power Sector Interface

    Electric Power Sector Interface

    To make any large deployments of infrastructure feasible in their interaction with the grid, the functioning of the hardware must be intelligently coordinated with grid operations.

  • Consumer Acceptance

    Consumer Acceptance

    Technologically advanced grid-enabled vehicles will need to overcome a number of consumer hurdles in order to reach high penetration rates.

  • Electric Vehicle Fleets

    Electric Vehicle Fleets

    Fleet electrification offers another important step toward scale manufacture of vehicles and infrastructure.

Featured Quote

“We must put ourselves on the pathway toward millions, then tens of millions, and then hundreds of millions of electric cars and trucks.”

Frederick W. Smith
Chairman, President and CEO, FedEx Corporation
Member, Electrification Coalition
June 23, 2010