Consumer Acceptance

Technologically advanced grid-enabled vehicles will need to overcome a number of consumer hurdles in order to reach high penetration rates.

New innovations often require many years to become adopted in the marketplace. Widespread consumer acceptance of electrification will likely be no different. The future of the PEV market will hinge largely on whether the vehicles offer a compelling alternative to conventional internal combustion engines from an economic perspective. The distance that can be traveled on a charge sometimes causes  “range-anxiety” and is a critical concern for many consumers. In addition, consumers need to know that their increased upfront investment will be paid back in lower operating costs in a relatively short time period. 

While some of this can be accomplished through the policy recommendations listed on other policy pages, the Coalition also recommends the following:

  • Expand consumer education efforts and make them a focus of deployment

Featured Quote

“The government needs to get serious about working in this industry or electric cars will be relegated to a niche market and not solve our oil dependence problem."

Robbie Diamond
President and CEO, Electrification Coalition
Washington Post
June 30, 2010