Electric Vehicle Fleets

Fleet electrification offers another important step toward scale manufacture of vehicles and infrastructure.

Many corporations and fleet managers are finding that electric vehicle technologies offer exciting enhancements to daily operations and compelling opportunities for savings. 

The nation’s fleet vehicles offer the opportunity to help drive the initial ramp-up of scale for electric vehicles and drivetrain components.  The operational norms of certain fleet segments—such as centralized refueling, high vehicle utilization rates and predictable routing—may allow them to rapidly surmount some of the challenges facing electrification in the passenger market.  Perhaps most significantly, fleet owners may be more willing to focus on total cost of vehicle ownership as opposed to upfront cost.

By driving initial capacity, providing practical business experience with both private and public charging infrastructure, and demonstrating the reliability of electric drive vehicles to consumers throughout the United States, electrified fleet vehicles would provide substantial spillover benefits to the broader consumer market.

The Electrification Coalition is working with to share information with fleet managers on using PEVs in fleets.  The EC is writing case studies on fleets that have incorporated PEVs into their fleets so that other fleet managers can see the opportunities and challenges posed by this technology.  

To facilitate the wider deployment of PEVs by fleet operators, the Coalition recommends the following:

  • Expand the existing vehicle tax credit to include medium- and heavy-duty trucks
  • Extend the existing tax credit for electric vehicle charging infrastructure through 2018 and expand the range of eligible costs to include upgrades performed by a utility to support fleet electrification and to facility owners for electrical power distribution equipment upgrades necessary to operate and monitor charging infrastructure.
  • Allow immediate expensing of PEV purchases and supporting infrastructure for operators of fleets that purchase or have purchased at least 10 centrally-charged grid-enabled vehicles in one year or operate at least 25 centrally-charged grid-enabled vehicles.
  • Reinstate and extend the tax credit for medium- and heavy-duty gasoline hybrid electric vehicles that utilize advanced batteries with energy and power density equal to or greater than lithium-ion batteries.
  • Ensure that federal motor vehicle regulations do not unnecessarily prohibit the development and deployment of cost-effective PEVs in large trucks.
  • Encourage federal fleet adoption of plug-in electric vehicles


Featured Quote

“Members of the Electrification Coalition said at a news conference at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., that modernizing American’s fleet vehicles with electric cars and trucks should be something Republicans and Democrats alike can agree on since it could reduce reliance on foreign oil.”

Detroit Free Press
November 15, 2010