2021 Annual Report

Electrifying Our Nation

2021: A Year of Transformation

Dear Reader, 

While we continue to experience incredible challenges due to the impacts of COVID-19 and the devastating crisis in Ukraine, 2021 and the early months of 2022 are demonstrating signs of finally reaching a critical inflection point for transportation electrification. We continue to see new records for EV sales, growing investments from automakers, the passage of ambitious new policies, and a growing commitment to develop the needed supply to  create an electrified transportation future. 

In the U.S. EV sales in 2021 eclipsed the prior year sales by the third quarter and early results in 2022 are continuing that steady increase. The passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law created a historic, once-in-a-generation investment ($7.5 billion) that will help build a national charging network and ensure we can find a place to charge wherever we want to go. Some of the world’s leading automakers have committed to phasing out production of petroleum-powered vehicles by 2035 or sooner. We also continue to make substantial progress on policy at the local, state, and federal levels. The transition to an electrified transportation future is no longer a question of if, it’s only a question of when.

During the last several years the Electrification Coalition (EC) has built an incredible team of technical experts, policy leaders, and campaign organizers to facilitate the polices and actions needed to accelerate electrification. I am honored and amazed with the work we have accomplished in this time frame. From 2019 to now, the EC has grown from just five staff to almost thirty in 2022. We have created a new state policy program that has expanded to cover eight priority states, created a national EV Purchasing Collaborative, created an exhaustive number of case studies, best practices, and online tools, supported policy reforms with cities and states across the country, testified in Congress, and created modeling and technical assistance resources that will help remove the barriers to electrification. 

Clearly, many steps remain in our journey to end our country’s dependence on oil, but we invite you to take a moment to revisit some of the milestones from 2021 and to celebrate with us in recognition of a great year for EVs. 


Robbie Diamond,
Founder, President, and CEO 


Ben Prochazka, Executive Director

Amy Malaki

Amy Malaki is the Director of Partnerships and Policy at SkyNRG and SkyNRG Americas, pioneering global leaders in sustainable aviation fuel production and supply. Prior to SkyNRG, Amy was the Associate Director for the transportation portfolio at the ClimateWorks Foundation where she developed philanthropic investment strategies to advance a sustainable, equitable and low-carbon mobility system. She also pioneered the organization’s international aviation decarbonization strategy. Prior to that she focused on Asia business development at Better Place, a Silicon Valley electric vehicle network startup. She has a B.A. in Chinese and China studies from the University of Washington and an M.A. in international policy studies (energy and environment) from Stanford University.