8/4–9/8/20: Accelerate Your City

A three-part webinar series presented by Smart Columbus and the Electrification Coalition The Electrification Coalition partnered with Smart Columbus to host a three-part webinar series to talk about the successful electrification program in Columbus, Ohio, which won the U.S. Department of Transportation Smart City Challenge in 2016. Separate sessions focused on advanced fleet electrification, increased consumer EV adoption, and charging infrastructure. Recordings and slide presentations for each webinar are below. Learn about this electrification success in Columbus with the webinar recordings and slide presentations below. Advancing Fleet Electrification (View Slides) As the winner of the $10 million Smart City Challenge grant awarded to Columbus by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, Columbus committed to adding hundreds of EVs to local public and private fleets. Discover innovative practices for public fleet procurement that led to the adoption of more than 300 public EVs, as well as challenges encountered in private fleet adoption and strategies to mitigate them moving forward.   Driving Consumer Adoption Through Public-Private Partnerships (View Slides) In three years, Columbus increased electric vehicle adoption more than four-fold without supportive state policies or incentives, but through the collaboration of the public and private sectors under the $10 million Smart City Challenge grant awarded to Columbus by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation. Discover how more than 70 Columbus companies came together to educate tens of thousands of drivers on EVs, conduct more than 12,000 EV test drives, create new corporate incentive programs, and grow consideration for EVs by more than 20%.   Fortifying Regional EV Charging Infrastructure (View Slides) Through private investments and the $10 million Smart City Challenge grant awarded to Columbus by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, more than 1,000 new EV charging ports have been installed in the Columbus Region. This explosion of charging has contributed to a more than four-fold increase in EV purchases in the last three years. Discover how Smart Columbus partnered with local utilities to help residents, workplaces, businesses and developers identify the right ways to install EV charging infrastructure for their current needs and for the future.

Amy Malaki

Amy Malaki is the Director of Partnerships and Policy at SkyNRG and SkyNRG Americas, pioneering global leaders in sustainable aviation fuel production and supply. Prior to SkyNRG, Amy was the Associate Director for the transportation portfolio at the ClimateWorks Foundation where she developed philanthropic investment strategies to advance a sustainable, equitable and low-carbon mobility system. She also pioneered the organization’s international aviation decarbonization strategy. Prior to that she focused on Asia business development at Better Place, a Silicon Valley electric vehicle network startup. She has a B.A. in Chinese and China studies from the University of Washington and an M.A. in international policy studies (energy and environment) from Stanford University.