Passed Wisconsin Senate Bills Will Allow for EV Charging Expansion Across the State

Today, the Wisconsin Senate passed Senate Bills 791 and 792, establishing a standard for Wisconsin to allow private entities to own and operate electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and charge customers by the amount of electricity used, rather than the ccharging and will allow the State to utilize the $78 million awarded to implement its National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) plan, bringing fast, reliable charging across Wisconsin.

Governor Pritzker, Policymakers and Industry Representatives Advance Medium- and Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicles at Electrification Coalition Event in Illinois

Yesterday, Governor J.B. Pritzker, Illinois State Senator David Koehler, Illinois State Representative Edgar Gonzalez and others spoke at the Electrification Coalition (EC) event that convened Illinois policymakers, nonprofit organizations, and leaders from across the electric vehicle (EV) industry to advance medium- and heavy-duty (MHD) electrification in Illinois, highlighting the importance of key policies to drive further manufacture and deployment of these vehicles in Illinois.

Charging Infrastructure Week: Battery Technology

As we transition to a fully electric future, technological advancements will evolve, resulting in advanced, more efficient battery technologies. Increasing the efficiency of batteries is vital, not just for electric vehicles, but for the future of technology as a whole.

Charging Infrastructure Week: Tool Library

This Tool Library contains tools, reports, and webinars that can help applicants and advocates identify, apply for, and deploy federal funding. Topics covered include finding regions needing charging infrastructure, ensuring that projects are equitable, calculating the total cost of ownership of vehicles, and more.