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FEBRUARY 6, 2024 – Today, 75 mayors – including Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve – sent a letter urging the Biden administration to finalize the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) strongest proposed rule for the GHG Emissions Standards for Heavy-Duty Vehicles – Phase 3 rule (HDV rule).

The HDV rule would accelerate the transition from large internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to heavy-duty electric vehicles (EVs), reducing carbon pollution, improving air quality and increasing national security by ending oil’s monopoly on transportation.

The transition to clean heavy-duty vehicles, like trucks and buses, is already well underway, largely due to the increased funding for electric transit and charging infrastructure included in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). With support from these historic federal programs, school districts are investing in electric school buses, city and state fleets are transitioning to EVs and retail giants are deploying electric freight and delivery trucks nationwide. The Biden administration has the crucial opportunity to maintain this exciting momentum by supporting the EPA’s strongest proposed HDV emissions standard. The 75 mayors supporting the adoption of this rule see its potential to benefit the communities they are responsible for and our nation as a whole, and urge the Biden administration to follow suit.

“Here in Reno, the biggest little sustainable city, we have seen massive federal and private investment with electric vehicle manufacturing and production becoming a cornerstone of development for our region,” said Mayor Schieve. “Our community can look toward a better future for transportation. We are excited to support the EPA’s Proposed Heavy-Duty Vehicle Emission Standards and to see the benefits it will bring to our region.”

Nevada has received over $17.5 million in funding for electric school buses as a part of the EPA’s Clean School Bus Program, including funding for Clark County, Carson City, Lyon County, Douglas County, Lander County, and Elko County School Districts.

In 2023, the Nevada Legislature signed the Clean Trucks and Buses Incentive Program into law. This program, which passed with nearly unanimous bipartisan votes, will accelerate the adoption of zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicles by utilizing federal funds from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act.

The mayors’ letter follows another letter sent to the White House by over 80 corporate leaders in November, advocating for the same strong standard to be adopted in order to promote economic development, protect American national security and solidify our country’s growing commitment to a clean transportation future.  

“Nevada has the opportunity to be the EV capital of North America,” said Louis Helton, Vice President of 1 Sun Solar Electric, located in Las Vegas. “Mining, processing, production, and recycling for EVs are bringing major investments and an influx of jobs to the state. While this presents us with a critical opportunity to electrify our smaller passenger vehicles and transition our heavy-duty trucks to electric, in order to realize the full benefits of heavy-duty electrification in the state, we need a federal standard. 1 Sun Solar Electric strongly supports the need for the EPA’s proposed Heavy-duty Vehicle Emission Standards and takes it one step further by providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective energy to ensure electric trucks in Nevada can be powered by domestically produced solar power.”  

“Heavy-duty trucks create a disproportionate amount of emissions, particularly in our most marginalized communities, so we must enact the strongest possible emissions standards,” said Electrification Coalition Executive Director Ben Prochazka. “In doing so, we can accelerate freight electrification and finally end oil’s monopoly on freight vehicles. As the world shifts to electric transportation, we cannot fall behind other countries – the time is now. We welcome Nevada’s local leadership joining this effort to set strong standards, protect public health, and reduce our dependence on oil.”

“We have a historic opportunity to accelerate progress towards decarbonizing our transportation sector by supporting the strongest proposed emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles yet,” said Kate Wright, Climate Mayors’ Executive Director. “We thank the Biden administration for considering our request to help support the heavy-duty vehicle industry in meeting its zero-emissions commitment.”

Read the full letter and recommendations therein.


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