It Pay$ to Plug In

New Jersey, Department of Environmental Protection, program designed to expand New Jersey’s growing network of electric vehicle infrastructure, allowing residents, businesses, and government agencies to purchase and drive electric vehicles

Golden State Financial Marketplace (GS $Mart) Guide

California Department of General Services, Program designed to facilitate State of California agencies and local governments with installment or lease purchases, while meeting all requirements of a competitive bid process

Apply for MassEVIP Fleets Incentives

Massachusetts, Application for MassEVIP Fleets Incentives, program that helps eligible public entities acquire electric vehicles for their fleets

Charge Ahead Colorado

Clean Air Fleets, Summary of the State of Colorado, Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) and Colorado Energy Office (CEO) funding information to encourage the deployment of electric vehicles

Clean Fleet Electric Vehicle Incentive Program

New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) grant funding program to support the purchase of electric vehicles and level-two electric vehicle charging station for local and state government authorities

Governmental Alternative Fuel Fleet Grant Program (GAFF)

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, program provides grants to purchase or lease new vehicles that operate primarily on compressed natural gas, liquified natural gas, liquified petroleum gas (propane), hydrogen fuel cells, or electricity

FTA Low-No Program Webinar

EC, Overview of the latest round of FTA Low-No Program funding. The presentation includes featured guests from FTA and several vehicle and equipment vendors. (March 2021)

CMAQ Project ID: MA20190014 (2019)

Database of CMAQ investments, air quality benefits, project trends within the program, and other anecdotal information focusing on the program’s performance

Colorado SB 13-254 (2013)

Colorado Senate Bill 13-254, expansion of the utility cost-savings measures law to allow a government entity to enter into a vehicle fleet maintenance and fuel cost-savings contract