Alternative Fuel Vehicles

GSA’s Alternative Fuels and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations overview including available AFV configurations and aquisitions.

Transit Buses website

Washington State Department of Enterprise Services’ Transit Buses website homepage surrounding WA’s FAST Act compliant transit bus contract.

“Green Fleet Planning”

Fleet Challenge website describing free EV Cost-Benefit tool supporting overall electric vehicle transitions.

Green Fleet Action Plan

WA’s City of Seattle 2019 Green Fleet Action Plan surrounding Reduce GHG emissions and fossil-fuel-free usage. 2. Use only fossil-fuel-free (F3) fuel by 2030.

Fleet Tools

State of Hawaii Climate Change Portal, Hawaii’s Fleet tool used to calculate cost of ownership by Summary of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis.

Fleet Procurement Analysis Tool

Atlas Public Policy’s, EV Hub, Fleet Procurement Analysis Tool provides decision-relevant information on the financial viability and environmental impact of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicle fleet procurements.