EV Funding Finder

A user-friendly tool to identify federal funding opportunities

Step 2

Select Funding Scenarios

Purchase or Lease a Light-Duty Vehicle

Funds to purchase or lease a light-duty vehicle (ex: passenger car)

Purchase or Lease a Medium- or Heavy-Duty Vehicle

Funds to purchase or lease a medium- or heavy-duty vehicle (ex: school bus)

Support Workforce Development

Funds to train and ensure a workforce has the required skills and certifications

Purchase Light-Duty Charging Infrastructure

EV charging infrastructure incentives for light-duty vehicles

Purchase Medium- or Heavy-Duty Charging Infrastructure

EV charging infrastructure for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles

Access Technical Assistance

Funds to provide technical expertise to access EVs or EV infrastructure

Grid Upgrades

Funding for updating and preparing the grid for at-scale EV adoption

Access Support Planning

Funding to ensure adequate planning of EV infrastructure

Electrify Ports

Funding for shipping and transportation companies to electrify port transit

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Please note that funding pathways will be updated by the EC quarterly. Results are comprehensive, but may not be reflective of imminent program changes.