Charging Station Design Guidance Toolbox (Draft)

MAKERS architecture and urban design & DKS Associates, Island Regional Vehicle Electrification Study (Island County, WA), is intended to support a county-wide policy that supports increased adoption of EVs and installation of EV charging stations, (Mar. 9, 2021)

Executive Order 2021-08

Illinois Executive Order 2021-08 regarding the procurement of zero emission vehicles and supporting equipment, (Apr. 22, 2021).

Connecticut Executive Order No. 1

This Connecticut executive order establishes planning and implementing a comprehensive strategy for sustainability, and sent an example for other states in integrating clean energy, economic, and environmental goals, (Apr. 24, 2019).

New Hampshire Executive Order 2016-03

This New Hampshire executive order (2016) establishes the state of New Hampshire to continue to lead by example in energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy