Big Rigs and Bites: A reception and panel on medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles in Florida

From left: Josh Cohen (Shell Recharge), Claire Alford (Highland Electric), Alexander Traversa (Jacksonville Transit Authority), and Anne Blair (Electrification Coalition)

On December 14, the Electrification Coalition (EC) hosted “Big Rigs and Bites,” a reception and panel in Amelia Island, Florida, held in advance of the 2022 Florida Automated Vehicles (FAV) Summit. The event focused on the policy opportunities for electrifying medium- and heavy-duty (MHD) vehicles, including trucks and buses. Attendees enjoyed networking and refreshments in addition to the panel discussion.   


  • Moderator: Anne Blair, Policy Director, Electrification Coalition  
  • Claire Alford, Mid-Atlantic Associate, Market Development, Highland Electric Fleets 
  • Alexander Traversa, Program Manager, Sustainability & Resiliency, Jacksonville Transportation Authority 
  • Josh Cohen, Director of Policy, Shell Recharge 

The EC also hosted a panel at the FAV Summit on December 16 about how Florida can pass complementary policies and engage utilities and the private sector to advance the deployment of MHD electric vehicles. 


  • Moderator: Torin Spencer, Electric Vehicle Specialist, Electrification Coalition 
  • Celia Kosinski, Policy Manager, Electrification Coalition 
  • Pete Westlake, Manager of New Products and Services, Orlando Utilities Commission 
  • Josh Cohen, Director of Policy, Shell Recharge Solutions 

The freight sector in the United States is projected to grow steadily in the coming decades, and electric vehicles are emerging as a cleaner, cost-effective alternative to diesel trucks. Now is the time for Florida’s stakeholders to take measured actions to electrify the medium- and heavy-duty vehicles that move our goods. Learn more in the EC’s report, Electrifying Freight: Pathways to Accelerating the Transition. Also, read about the Electric Freight Consortium, a forum for the EC and private-sector partners to collaborate on strategies that will accelerate freight electrification at scale.  

Replacing diesel school and transit buses is also a significant opportunity for Florida.  Clean buses improve air quality, save school districts and transit authorities money, and improve the resilience of our electrical grid. The opportunities for fleet managers to replace conventional, highly polluting diesel vehicles with clean electric models are rapidly increasing. Federal funding for school and transit bus electrification is greater than ever, and manufacturers are offering an increasing variety of electric models. 

Amy Malaki

Amy Malaki is the Director of Partnerships and Policy at SkyNRG and SkyNRG Americas, pioneering global leaders in sustainable aviation fuel production and supply. Prior to SkyNRG, Amy was the Associate Director for the transportation portfolio at the ClimateWorks Foundation where she developed philanthropic investment strategies to advance a sustainable, equitable and low-carbon mobility system. She also pioneered the organization’s international aviation decarbonization strategy. Prior to that she focused on Asia business development at Better Place, a Silicon Valley electric vehicle network startup. She has a B.A. in Chinese and China studies from the University of Washington and an M.A. in international policy studies (energy and environment) from Stanford University.