New Fuel Economy Standards Will Reduce U.S. Oil Dependence

Contact: Noah Barnes, Electrification Coalition, (202) 461-2371

WASHINGTON—On Friday, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) released new fuel economy standards for vehicles starting in 2027.

Electrification Coalition Executive Director Ben Prochazka responded:

“The new fuel economy standards for passenger cars and trucks are another essential tool, along with other recent aligned policies, that will improve the overall vehicle efficiency and influence how we power our transportation future, helping to accelerate electric transportation and consumer choice. The standards will save 70 billion gallons of fuel and provide $48 billion in net benefits, helping to free the U.S. from oil’s monopoly on the transportation sector.

“For too long, oil has monopolized the U.S. transportation system, leading to significant economic and national security risks. Oil markets continue to be controlled by international bad actors who do not share our democratic values, and its volatility negatively impacts families and businesses. Transportation electrification represents a crucial opportunity for Americans to have more options to power their vehicles.

“Americans now agree that electric vehicles are the future of transportation and the days of being beholden to oil will soon be over. Not surprisingly, as consumers and businesses increasingly choose to go electric, the oil industry is trying to maintain its monopoly through misinformation and baseless claims.

“We thank NHTSA and the administration for their commitment to improving fuel economy and electrifying U.S. transportation.”


About the Electrification Coalition:  The Electrification Coalition is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that promotes policies and actions to facilitate the widespread adoption of plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) on a mass scale to overcome the economic, public health and national security challenges that stem from America’s dependence on oil.

Amy Malaki

Amy Malaki is the Director of Partnerships and Policy at SkyNRG and SkyNRG Americas, pioneering global leaders in sustainable aviation fuel production and supply. Prior to SkyNRG, Amy was the Associate Director for the transportation portfolio at the ClimateWorks Foundation where she developed philanthropic investment strategies to advance a sustainable, equitable and low-carbon mobility system. She also pioneered the organization’s international aviation decarbonization strategy. Prior to that she focused on Asia business development at Better Place, a Silicon Valley electric vehicle network startup. She has a B.A. in Chinese and China studies from the University of Washington and an M.A. in international policy studies (energy and environment) from Stanford University.